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Pre-Production Reservation Fee for Myers Motors Two-Passenger Electric Vehicle

Pre-Production Reservation Fee for Myers Motors Two-Passenger Electric Vehicle
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Price: $250.00
Weight: Free Shipping
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Vehicle Price: Determined Based on Number of Pre-Production Reservations Received We designed a pricing structure for pre-orders to reward you, the buyer, with savings as you help develop the supply chain for American-made, highway-speed Electric Vehicles with an early EV purchase! We need 1,000 pre-orders to reach volume pricing to reach our goal price of $24,995 for the base model with a 60-mile range. We need to start the pricing at $29,995 until we can commit to that volume, but Myers Motors will drop the retail price for everyone by $1000 for every 200 pre-orders on the books until it reaches the $24,995 target price.

Seating: Two*

Base Model Range: 60 miles

Batteries: Lithium Ion

Battery Life Expectancy: 100,000+ miles before battery capacity drops to 80% of original capacity, at which time the batteries can still be used in the vehicle or in another application.

Other details: Will be made available later

Available Upgrades

80-Mile Range Battery Pack: Add $2500

100-Mile Range Battery Pack: Add $5000

*Vehicle ergonomics designed to accomodate individuals sized up to 95th percentile of males.

TAX CREDITS: Currently, Myers Motors electric vehicles qualify for a federal income tax credit equaling 10% of the purchase price, up to $2500. This credit is applies to vehicles purchased before January 1, 2012. States and local governments may also offer incentives such as tax credits and exemptions or free/discounted parking. Visit this Department of Energy website or check with your state and local governments to learn about any incentives in your area. Consult with your tax specialist for assistance.

TERMS: Completing this form and submitting this fee will reserve your place in the production schedule for a new Myers Motors two-seat electric vehicle. This is not an offer to sell or a binding purchase agreement. Your funds will be held in escrow by Dollar Bank and are refundable without interest at any time upon cancellation of your reservation. A Myers Motors representative will contact you to discuss a purchase offer once production scheduling commences. If you choose to proceed with the purchase, you will have 30 days to complete the purchase agreement process and secure financing for your purchase. Your reservation fee will apply toward the vehicle purchase. If you choose not to proceed with the purchase, your funds will be released from escrow without interest and returned to you. Reservations are not assignable or transferable. At any time prior to signing a purchase agreement you may request a full refund of your reservation fee without interest upon your written request to: